Sanded Plain Tiles

Using traditional methods and our skilled craftsmen, William Blyth manufacture a range of handmade sanded nibbed plain tiles. Each tile is individually cut from a dowel of clay, hand sanded, shaped, trimmed and nail-holed. Once made each tile is placed onto a specially shaped drying rack, to help achieve a double camber.

Once dry our sanded plain tiles are then set amongst other tiles in the kilns where they are fired to 1010℃ to ensure the best durability and longevity from our clay.

Combining the natural properties of alluvial clay and sand facing creates a tile full of character, each tile resembles the individual marks of the maker.

Our handmade sanded plain tiles also help to resemble the characteristic and aesthetics of reclaimed tiles, suitable for both restoration and new builds.

property 3
autumn orange 1

Autumn Orange

A genuine handmade tile offering subtle shades of colour. This tile is made with a soft sand creating a gentle texture. This tone of colour is often used throughout South East England.

antique red 1

Antique Red

A genuine handmade tile offering variations in texture and colour. This tile is a rich red colour designed to suit new or older properties. Every tile will weather naturally to create a more mature appearance as every year passes  by.

chestnut brown 1

Chestnut Brown

A genuine handmade tile with its dark tones of browns and variations in texture gives an instant aged look, perfect for new builds and restoration projects. This tile is well suited for matching in with existing buildings and surroundings.

Technical Information

  • Minimum Roof Pitch
  • Head lap minimum
    65 mm
  • Batten spacing
    100 mm
  • Size of tile
    267 mm x 165 mm
  • Cover capacity
    60 per m²
  • Profile Depth
    16 mm
  • Hanging length
    247 mm
  • Weight per tile
    1.2 kg
  • Weight as laid
    72 kg per m²
  • Quantity per pallet
  • Weight per pallet
    1.2 tonnes
  • Batten size
    Up to 450mm rafter
    centres: 38mm x 25mm
    Up to 600mm rafter
    centres: 38mm x 25mm
  • Nail size / type
    38 mm x 2.65 mm
    aluminium clout nails

*Please note, due to the handmade nature of our products, all sizes are approximate.