Plain Tiles

Natural Red Plain Tile
Natural Red Plain Tile
Weathered Plain Tile
Weathered Plain Tile
Light Antique Plain Tile
Light Antique Plain Tile
Dark Earth Plain Tile
Dark Earth Plain Tile

To complement our Pantiles, William Blyth manufacture a selection of handmade Plain Tiles which are available in the four traditional colours. Our Plain Tiles can be laid as one colour or blended to give your property its own unique appearance.

The Plain Tiles are made using the same alluvial clay as our Pantiles; each tile has its own characteristics due to the way the tile is handled by the maker. The Plain Tiles are fired with our Pantiles in our coal-fired kilns, which helps achieve an array of different shades. In addition to the Plain Tile, we also produce a traditional Medieval Tile, slightly larger in size and offering a more rustic look; with all our tiles, we have a comprehensive range of standard fittings. Please see our fittings page.

Technical Information

  • Minimum Roof Pitch
  • Head lap minimum
    65 mm
  • Batten spacing
    100 mm
  • Size of tile
    267 mm x 165 mm
  • Cover capacity
    60 per m²
  • Profile Depth
    16 mm
  • Hanging length
    247 mm
  • Weight per tile
    1.2 kg
  • Weight as laid
    72 kg per m²
  • Quantity per pallet
  • Weight per pallet
    1.2 tonnes
  • Batten size
    Up to 450mm rafter
    centres: 38mm x 25mm
    Up to 600mm rafter
    centres: 38mm x 25mm
  • Nail size / type
    38 mm x 2.65 mm
    aluminium clout nails

*Please note, due to the handmade nature of our products, all sizes are approximate.