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British-made ‘Barco’ – the Stamp of Quality – manufacturing traditional clay tiles since 1840

Since 1840, William Blyth is renowned for producing handmade clay roof tiles and specials.

Using time-honoured, traditional techniques and a dedicated, skilled workforce, William Blyth products match and enhance a new build, heritage property or commercial concern.

William Blyth is a family-owned company, which respects the environment, using local clay, carefully excavated and used sustainably.

A natural product, the iron-rich clay is gathered from the nearby banks of the River Humber using minimum impact techniques. The clay is extracted using just three pieces of equipment: an excavator, tractor and a bulldozer. The topsoil is carefully removed and then stored in blocks, or bunds, to reveal the clay. The clay is dug to between six to ten feet in depth, at which two seams of the natural product are revealed.

The clay is then hauled and stockpiled in a large concrete pad. Once the blended clay is compacted by the bulldozer, it is sent over to the mill for preparation into clay dowels, or blocks, before the tiles are made.

Any product that does not meet William Blyth’s exacting standards is fully recycled, meaning virtually no waste.

So whatever a building project might entail, trust William Blyth for an elegant, timeless finish to any property development.